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ongoing / upcoming in 2024

On view until September 2024 at Quetzal Art Center

22 June: Reading Group Goddess Change with Adriana Knouf

20 July: Gathering Earthseed


Design by Sheona Turnbull


3D Rendering by Finn Wagner

In her work, Müge Yilmaz examines the paradoxes around to concept of protection with focus on community,
survival and belief (faith). Through performances, photographs and installations she creates immersive atmospheres inspired by
feminist science-fiction. Following the concept of three ecologies for observing the mental (subjective), societal and
environmental developments in a parallel method, she uses image and performance as tools for envisioning
potential futures. By keeping protection as a common denominator, her research creates speculations on preservation
and scarcity. She constantly looks for trigger points in shape of visual manifestations that provoke
subconscious reactions and reflexes. (2012-2024)

🕊: studio[@]mugeyilmaz[.]com

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