A Brief History of Time, 2014

Two Tuned in Tuning Forks (with Ghillie), 2014

Two Tuned in Tuning Forks, 2014

A Short Epiphany Upon the Island. 2014

Vibrational Objects (with Ghillie), 2014

Hello mother water
Here I am your daughter
I have been brought by a metal river here

I have been drawing water to everyone's mill in my life
We shall not make storms in a glass

The information is dry
Emotions are wet
And we all know that the still waters run underneath
We are safe in deep
In the bottom of an ocean of oxygen
It is about that one thing

There is no silence here
You can only have temporary quiet
Navigation and a sense of direction is what we need now
Woman and children first

Are you trying to make waves
If blood is thicker than water and the tides are in our veins
Sweat, tears or the sea is the cure for anything
But the water is not salty enough here
When you swim
You don't grab hold of the water
If you do you will sink and drown
Just float
You will keep your head above water

Where the dyke is lowest, water runs over it first
Are you looking for nails at low tide

You think
Who needs the moon, when the sun is shining

We are in the park now
Those are the running waters
This one is still
Still water becomes like a mirror, like an eye
You know no matter how high you fly above the sky, you've got to come down for water
The constant dropping of it, hollows out the rocks

Your mind is like an iceberg, it floats with part of its volume above water
The rest below the water
There is no time here
But everything has its own time

Remember to breathe

Here is a small forest
It's a protected forest
It's not sacred but it is protected
Your mind likes, loops, patterns, rhythms
You can not blame it for that
Loops, patterns, rhythms, webs
Loops, patterns, rhythms, webs, maps
The water of the mind is the essence of your life
Where does the water come from
How long will ours last
I believe
Feels like you believe too

You will see
One day being tough will be out of time, out of place
The vulnerable will be the strong


Put this button in your mouth, dear
The information is immanent but not visible yet
The emotions are already here

Your body is made of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, sodium
This door here opens to another realm
The world is what you think it is
Whatever your body needs
There are no limits
All power comes from here

Let her go
She will find her way
We only need to breathe and walk now
We will reach there soon
Let's go through it


We are in the garden now
It is a small garden
You don't have to feel sorry
It's time you stop feeling sorry dear
You are welcome here
You will always be welcome
But remember, this place is a sacred space


This is corn
These are sun-flowers
The garden is shaped on the house
These are egg shells
This is coconut
Now we are almost there
Long distance mountains are blue now
The buildings are also blue
Because the water is gray, the airplanes fly low now
What we are expecting is a sentient intelligence
Like you and me


There is a snake eating its own tail
An island surrounded by soil
A river
A mirror
A silver road
A loop


Here we are in the cave
We are inside the cave now
The water was here before you
The jungle, too, is older than you
Soil is an ancient animal


You are free now
Here is your open path
These objects, the sound is you


What really matters
Is what you think

In the end
My dear
I'm sure you will keep your feet dry
And thrive

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