Visual artist based in Amsterdam
Contact: me @ muge yilmaz . com


Museumnacht at De Appel

Text at Tubelight by Anna Rosja Haveman & Vanessa van't Hoogt

The Triennial of Beetsterzwaag
The Concrete : The Mountain

7 - 8 September, 2018
An outdoor installation and performance around Witte Meer first developed in 2017.
The artist takes the audience on a walk through the forest where the works
can only be viewed by use of torches.

Tilly Baker Prize, 2018

Performance during Antwerp Art Weekend
Invited by Art Viewer, Special Feature

Meeting the Universe Halfway at KIT, Kunst im Tunnel, Dusseldorf


The Water, The Soil, The Jungle, 11th Shanghai Bienniale, 2016

A Brief History of Time, 2014

Tales of Thales (of Miletus), 2013, Rijksakademie Open
Epoxy, hand carved wood, 3d print, aluminium frame

Circle of Necessities (Halay), 2013 (Ongoing Collection)

A New Elan Vital, II, 2013
Hand carved wood, Resin, Soot

Data Gate I, 2013

Information is dry.

Emotions are wet.